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We know that schools are in a unique position to help prevent mental health problems by promoting wellbeing, positive mental health and resilience as part of an integrated approach that is tailored to the needs of their students.

We are here to support you to implement the Whole School Approach in your school.

Our team offers interventions and support for young people, parents and staff in order to promote mental health and wellbeing We can also assist staff with identifying mental health difficulties in students, as well as support with recommendations for referrals to further agencies when the problems fall outside of the low to moderate category In order to help us tailor the approach of our work to your school we will work closely with your Designated Mental Health Lead and staff and together establish and plan our provision in the upcoming school year.

Since September 2020:



Children and young people experiencing low mood, anxiety and behavioural difficulties have been supported


Schools in Westminster have recieived our services


Workshops delivered to children, parents and staff

Our team delivers a range of psychoeducational workshops to children and young people We aim to work with staff in order to tailor the workshops to the needs of each school and we continuously develop our offer and stay flexible in our approach to delivery.

Support for Primary schools



Managing Emotions

It is okay to talk about our emotions. It is very important to have someone we can talk to about how we feel.

Mental health introduction

What is mental health? We all have mental health and we need to look after it.

Transition to secondary school Y6

How to manage change and anxiety during life changes


Gaining strategies to manage anger and anxiety.

Exam Stress

How to manage stress during exams

Post lockdown transition back to school

How to manage change and anxiety whencoming back to school after lockdown

Support for Secondary Schools



Exam Stress

How to manage stress during exams and cope with anxiety


Psychoeducation around bullying and cyberbullying

Social Media

Social media and the impact on mental health

Growing Resilience

What is resilience and how to become more resilient

Body Image

Pressures of body image and how to manage them

Talking male mental health

How masculinity is portrayed in today’s society and its implications on male’s mental health

Post lockdown transition back to school 

How to manage change and anxiety when coming back to schoolafter lockdown

Supporting Parents

Working with parents and carers has shown to have a promising impact on the wellbeing, attendance, behaviour, sense of school belonging, intellectual development and attainment of children across a range of social and economic backgrounds.

We aim to provide help for parents and guardians, in order to help them support the emotional wellbeing of children and young people. We offer a range of psychoeducational workshops to parents and carers as well as organise coffee mornings and a Parents Forum.

Parents’ and carers’ workshops



Mental Health Awareness

What is mental health? Mental health as part of our overall health. Mental health difficulties and stigma.

Self-Care and relaxation techniques

Strategies to self-care, mindfulness and relaxation strategies.

Understanding Anxiety

What is anxiety and how can I help my child to manage it.

Understanding Low Mood

What is low mood and how can I help my child to manage it.

Understanding Children’s Behaviour

Understanding factors impacting on the behaviour of children and how can we improve child’s behaviour.

Anxiety during Covid-19

What is anxiety and how it presents itself. How to cope and manage emotions during Covid-19.

Feedback from parents

I am more aware that my child is at risk of suffering from ANXIETY in today’s World… This is a Reality for all Parents, we need to be Proactive, and ready to tackle the problems and face the realities in order to keep children (and adults) as safe as possible.

It made me think about how I manage my own mental health and what I can do to improve my mental and physical health and wellbeing

Thank you so much for running the sessions. I found the sessions very helpful and informative. It was a great opportunity to hear and share ideas from parents too

I thought Agata and Ayla’s workshops were very informative and providing reassurance of how we are dealing with our children’s wellbeing. I very much enjoyed the input from other parents particularly during this challenging time. Thanks!

Working with staff

Good staff wellbeing has been shown to be essential for cultivating a mentally healthy school and for promoting pupil wellbeing and attainment As school staff juggle a multitude of different tasks and demands, it is important that everyone is given the right emotional and practical support so that they can, in turn, support their pupils.

As part of the Whole School Approach we offer psychoeducational workshops to staff in order to spread mental health awareness, challenge mental health stigma, help to improve their emotional health and equip them with knowledge of how to support children and young people’s wellbeing.




Mental health and self-care during Covid-19

How to look after our own wellbeing during covid-19 and help young people and children to stay well

Working during Covid-19

How to stay productive when working both remotely and in the workplace during the pandemic

How to manage anxiety during Covid-19

What is anxiety and how we can manage it during the pandemic

Anxiety and transitions

How to manage anxiety and how to support children and young people during transition back to school

Feedback from staff

It is reassuring that I know that my school cares about and prioritises the well-being of the children, my colleagues and myself (especially during this unusual time). It helped me to reflect on my personal coping strategies for my individual situation.

Presentations by both leaders were clear, helpful, practical and pitched appropriately. Some of the best training I have had, so thank you. Very enjoyable to participate in and I look forward to more.

This course is helping me to realize that I need to make space to “pamper” my wellbeing. I feel really lucky both in my personal and professional life but I am always very busy and hardly have any time for myself, which has an impact on both.

I feel I will be able to better identify and support pupils with mental health problems and to promote healthy habits among children. I also feel it helped me to be more aware of my own struggles and to understand and accept that we will experience mood swings more frequently.


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